Black Aziza

Black marble is a type of marble that manages its color to a black, bluish or brownish tone by interacting with rare metamorphosed rocks during formation. In fact, there are a lot of marble resources in nature. People look at the use of marble more than its color, because it is very durable and also has a wide range of uses. However, black marble offers a higher quality use among other marbles and is very healthy and long-lasting. In addition to all these, it will be enough to mention the stylish image it creates in its black marble to impress your choices. Black marble may contain streaked white particles in it. This can sometimes be in the form of points, and is actually enough to show that the marble interacts with rocks during the formation phase. In this regard, a little caution will be enough to make sure that the marble does not feed any cracks or cracks. In addition to the fact that black marble can be used much longer than other marbles, another important feature that should be known is that it immediately shows the cracking points. With the solidity of black marble, it does not have an effect like cracking or breaking.

Saint Laurent Black Gold has fine white and copper-colored lines on this natural stone type, which manages to carry its black color nobility in all its glory. These veins, which are a feature of natural stones, give the stone both naturalness and an enchanted appearance. Saint Laurent Black Gold is a great choice to add depth and splendor to spaces, and this building material is one of the types that can satisfy its users both in terms of appearance and ease of use. Saint Laurent Black Gold, which can be used in almost every area, is durable, strong, resistant to abrasion and scratches, easy to clean and unbreakable. Saint Laurent Black Gold is also possible to use the product, which is preferred both in exterior and interior architecture, in decorative areas. It will be inevitable to achieve a unique naturalness when the self-line patterns on Nero Tunis marble are placed in combination with each other. It would be quite appropriate to call this product the favorite of black lovers for this product, which attracts attention with its clear dark black color for Nero Tunisi marble. The product, which is in high demand in the foreign natural stone market, is also in demand in the domestic market.

Dark-colored stones such as Sahara Noir marble can be used as a highly decorative element in buildings. When Sahara Noir marble is used especially with light colored stones, the products visually explode each other as they contrast each other in color and thus gain a remarkable beauty. In this sense, the use of black marble becomes an important tool in carrying the beauty of the building to the next level.

Another important feature of black marbles is that it can reflect its brightness. During the production process, dark colored marbles such as black marbles give high brightness values ​​after polishing. This shine helps the product to give a more flamboyant impression.

Our country is rich in many colors of marble as well as in black marble quarries. Our black marbles, which can be exported both as processed products and as raw materials, in high quantities, are especially concentrated in the Central Anatolia region and its surroundings.

Saint Laurent Black Gold is a semi-precious black copper marble. It has a lovely crystal background in cocoa tones and subtle white veins with occasional notes of coral hue. With its French name, this natural stone, appetizing chocolate and orange foam is as pleasing to the eye as it is on the palate.

The Saint Laurent Black Gold aesthetics and hue make this stone in interior design and bathrooms, kitchens, countertops, showers, etc. It is an ideal marble type for use. Saint Laurent Black Gold has been the product preferred by the most distinguished architects and interior designers in the field of natural stone floors and luxury hotels. Sahara Noir marble is mined in Tunisia. It is a beautiful black marble with horizontal and cross gradients with white and gold veins. The deep black color is reminiscent of a black sky, giving it a gorgeous and stylish look. Wherever you apply it, Sahara Noir marble will look amazing. Beyond its appearance, it can also increase the value of your home. Sahara Noir is a very elegant, beautiful looking marble ideal for decorating any interior design project. The geometric vein structure of Sahara Noir marble gives a particularly decorative effect. Sahara Noir marble is luxurious and suitable for almost any environment, as well as a marble suitable for both flooring and furniture applications in general. Saint Laurent Black Gold marble especially in almost all interior design projects, bathroom and kitchen projects, coffee table and table designs, fireplace border and elevator interior coverings. It is black in color and has very sharp white lines.