Crystal White

Crystal White Marble is a kind of white marble quarried in Vietnam. This stone is especially good for countertops, mosaic, exterior – interior wall and floor applications, fountains, pool and wall coverings, stairs, window sills and other design projects. It is also called Crystal White Vietnam Marble, Absolute White Marble, Nghe An White Marble, Milk White Marble, Pure White Marble, White Pole Marble, Vietnam Crystal White Marble in Chinese stone market. Vietnam White is an alternative white marble variety for those looking for pure white marble. As the name suggests, Vietnam White marble is quarried in Vietnam. Also known as snow white crystal white, Vietnam White originates from different parts of the country and has different characters. Although Vietnam White is a decorative stone, it has reduced its use with its veinless structure. However, due to its apparent proximity to Vietnam White Thassos marble, it continues to be used on wet floors. Warm and elegant appearance of pure white marble; it has caused architects and marble masters to use marble for corridor decoration. While Pure White Marble is preferred for flooring; colored marbles are used in patterns and mosaics to give a dramatic effect to the environments in which they are used. Pure white marble is a stone that can present very stylish images when applied to your home. Milky white marble meeting with a right design can make your home look perfect. Vietnam Crystal White Marble, which is generally used in kitchen and bathroom details, will be one of your biggest helpers in achieving the look you want and the natural patterns in it will bring your home to the fore.

Crystal White Vietnam Marble is a kind of marble that is named according to the amount of mineral in the marble. Crystal White Vietnamese Marble as in all uses are the same fields. It is preferred as an accessory as well as used in indoor and outdoor areas in the building sector. Vietnam Crystal White Marble can be used for indoor flooring as well as for outdoor flooring. Vietnam Crystal White Marble is also preferred for wall coverings as well as flooring. Vietnam Crystal White Marble is used for both indoor wall coverings and outdoor wall coverings in wall coverings.

Absolute White Marble is also used as a decoration material, which is one of the complementary elements of the spaces. Crystal White Vietnam Marble gives a feeling of peace and tranquility in the areas where it is used, depending on the colors and harmony it has. Crystal White Vietnam Marble, used as decoration material, gives an antique look and adds a museum atmosphere. It provides great convenience to its users in areas preferred as coating and flooring. In addition to its easy-to-clean feature, it gives a bright and stylish appearance. Crystal White Vietnam Marble is a type of marble that is frequently preferred indoors and outdoors.