Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc marble is widely known in the market as Muğla Marble and Muğla White Marble, Muğla White. Muğla White Marble has high hardness and strength. Muğla White Marble has low porosity. Marble with low porosity is more durable and long-lasting. While the porosity (porosity) ratio of Muğla White Marble is the lowest 0.035%, the highest 0.62% average 0.22%, this rate increases to 1-2% for other marbles. The crystal size of Muğla White Marble, which has a homogeneous structure, is smaller than other marbles. For this reason, it is easier to accept the polish, this feature facilitates the processing process and makes the end product more durable.

Removed from Las Vegas and provided the processing plant built near the marble quarry in Muğla Marble is widely used in Turkey. It is a type of marble that is exported to many countries of the world. name in Turkey, “Muğla Marble” World Market While it is often referred to by two different names. The first of these names is called White Ibiza Marble. It is known and traded under this name in the European market. Another known name is Blanco Ibiza. Muğla Marble is called with this name in most of the places outside of Europe.

Blanco Ibiza marble, white marble quarrying in Turkey. This stone is especially used in Exterior – Interior wall and floor applications, monuments, thresholds, stairs, countertops, mosaics, fountains and other design projects. In addition, Turkey Blanco marble Blanco Ibiza Aydin Marble, Turkey Bianco Ibiza Marble, Turkish Blanco Ibiza marble, Ibiza White Marble, White Ibiza Marble, Aydın White Marble, Muğla White Marble Muğla White, Blanco Ibiza marble has been referred to as the

White Marble is one of the most popular marbles for flooring and wall applications. Our Bianco Ibiza White Marble tiles will be perfect for your bathroom floors, kitchen floors, room walls or exterior walls. Bianco Ibiza White Marble tiles have no yellowish color on their surface and these white marble slabs can be produced with polished, honed or sandblasted marble surfaces. Bianco Ibiza White Marble; Turkey is the best natural stone and marble category. This Bianco Ibiza white marble tiles can be used for kitchen countertops, countertops, stairs, sinks, etc. Also suitable for.

The purity and brilliance of Bianco Ibiza’s marble radiates across a wide decorative gradient: from floors, kitchens, countertops or minimalist bathrooms filled with white to immaculate shower trays, fireplaces or stairs, it exudes elegance. Likewise, Bianco Ibiza White Marble is an excellent decorative option for drawing rooms, bedrooms and any type of exterior, such as patios, gardens or facade decorations in buildings.

General usage areas of Muğla marble; Wide area flooring, wall covering, siding and indoor boutique are the preferred areas. Muğla white marble is generally used in interior and exterior cladding, riser-step, flooring, handrail and decorative applications.

Muğla marble is available in our company Efesusstone under the name of Mont Blanc. Our Mont Blanc marble can be used indoors and outdoors. The white color of Muğla White marble gives the area where it is used bright and spacious. Muğla white marble is a marble that is frequently preferred for interior floor and exterior floor covering. Muğla is preferred for white floor coverings as well as for wall coverings. Muğla white marble is preferred for both interior and exterior wall coverings. Muğla white marble, which is also preferred in decorative products, creates a beautiful image in the areas where it is used with the elegance of its white color.