Today, marble is an important design element in modern architecture. Color selection in marble is one of the most important elements in order to give the desired beauty to the buildings. Marble design emerges with the correct use and application of aesthetics in architectural design. Marble design can be defined as visualizing product features and qualities. Brown marble has a critical importance in marbles used for decorative purposes. If brown marble is a dark tone, it has a harmonious appearance with stones used as the main color such as beige.

Architectural design is a whole. Basic issues such as the size, form, construction system, carrier system and material of the building, type, size, application method of the coating material (marble, wood, etc.) are analyzed and decided at the design stage. In this context, brown marble has great advantages in furniture harmony. Brown marbles with a light tone can also be used with darker stones as the main stone and can be used extensively throughout the building.

Portoro Marble; It has special black-toned, brown and gold-looking patterns. Nero Portoro is also known in the market as Porto Gold. Portoro is preferred for countertop applications, interior wall coverings, and specially designed marble table projects.

Portoro marble is a very decorative stone that is characterized by a beautiful black background and gold veining. Its beauty, originality and distinctiveness make Portoro marble the perfect material for the creation of decorative objects such as columns, vases, design objects, valuable interior facades, sculptures, decorative elements, and advertising tops for furniture and bathrooms, luxury floors and fireplaces for daily use. Also known as: Black Portoro, Portoto Nero Giallo, Portoro Nero, Portoro Macchia Larga, Nero Portoro Vena Larga, Nero Portoro Macchia Larga, Portoro Macchia Grande, Portoro Macchia Oro, Nero Portoro Vena Fine, Portoro Macchia Fine, Portoro Extra Marble, Portoro Nero Giallo, Portoro Gold, Port d’Or, Porte-Or, Nero Portoro Marble.

Portoro marble is a natural stone with a classic and traditional look and feel, suitable for interior design applications, with great personality. The coating that enhances the Portoro marble splendor the most is the polishing and finishing that makes the gold veining beautifully visible.

 Portoro Gold is a kind of black marble mined in China. This marble is full of style and elegance. Portoro Gold marble features a network of unique color variations on an elegant black background. The combination of orange and white veins offers a remarkable color show. Thus, spaces decorated with Portoro Gold marble become completely transformed and exceptional. Portoro Gold marble kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, office spaces, hotels and shops are examples of spaces that take advantage of the seductive power of this natural stone. In outdoor projects, Portoro Gold can be used on building facades or covered terraces. In any case, wherever you apply this marble, its unique elegance will give an impressive appearance.

Nero Portoro marble is one of the most recognizable marbles. It is a black marble with a unique golden yellow vein structure that continuously passes through the surface of the marble. Nero Portoro will instantly turn your applied surface into the focal point of your living space. This marble is a great way to visually improve your home. Nero Portoro marble is a great choice if you are looking for a black colored natural stone for your new countertop, countertop or various other surfaces. Nero Portoro, beauty is evident in the deep rich colors of black and gold, and this contrast creates the most perfect combination of elegance found in no other stone.