Gray Travertine stone, like other travertines, is formed around hot springs and in deep caves. The most distinctive feature that distinguishes Natural Gray Travertine from marble from its varieties is its porousness. These pores in the travertine are caused by gases that exist with their natural formation and then exit.

Travertine stones are now present in all areas of life. It was used thousands of years ago and in almost all projects and structures in this age of existence. Denizli region of Turkey especially is a full travertine pools. Denizli region is especially our city with quarries extracted from Ivory travertine, classical travertine and rustic travertine. Other than that, especially if the architect has become the favorite of the grayscale and color silvery structure and Afyon provinces 1st class and quality in Turkey it is open to the whole world. Gray travertine has areas of use such as steps, flooring, covering, sink, mosaic, etc.

Silver travertine natural stone variety, also known as Silver travertine; It is one of the products that add value to architectural spaces with its horizontal grain visuals. Silver travertines; As it naturally contains fine crystals, it has a softer and pasty texture unlike marble types.

This stone is especially good for Wall and floor applications, countertops, mosaics, fountains, pool and wall cladding, stairs, window sills and other design projects. It is also called Silver Travertine, Sivas Silver Travertine, Silver Gray Travertine, Ash Travertine in the Chinese stone market.

Horizontally lined vein visuals in silver travertine varieties give more sophisticated visuals and different expressions to decoration areas. In silver travertine varieties, this extraordinary visual principle is obtained by the “veincut” (called cutting to the waterway or Turkish cut) method. Thus, the spaces are surrounded by a pattern dominated by the integrity of horizontal vein tracking.

Gray tones, which are known, have come to the fore as they are among the trend colors in decoration field. Because gray tones are considered one of the most neutral colors among the colors, they are also known as the best accompaniment of all colors. You can use the Silver travertine models in very relaxing expressions aimed at new trends in every corner of your living spaces. Silver travertine natural stone variety; It is a stone variety that finds its place both indoors and outdoors. It can provide a great integrity in areas by applying it with dark or light tones. Silver travertine can be used on walls, benches, between benches, table-coffee table derivative items with peace of mind. Especially when mixed with stones in white tones, it creates very stylish and decorative designs. It is mostly recommended to be used with a mixture of white stones. The cutting method recommended outdoors is crosscut. In silver travertines; honing, polish, hammering operations can be done.

Since it contains brown, ash color and beige tones, it is a popular stone type that is compatible with all decorations. Regardless of the wall color, Silver Travertine blends in surprisingly. Thanks to its warm color tones, it warms the environment and offers a natural feeling. We can say that the silver travertine TV unit is the best stone model for stone coating.

Silver Gray travertine, especially preferred in terraces and gardens, gives your living spaces both a rustic and modern look.

Movement can be added to your living spaces with sets of different sizes called french patterns on the floor covering. Silver Gray travertine flooring can be given a more aged appearance thanks to the edge process, which is also called ‘edge breaking’ in French pattern sets, which is produced by breaking the edges of the product slightly with mechanical treatment. It can be easily combined with our marbles in different color tones such as black and white in projects. In your bathroom where you are applying with gray travertine, using a black washbasin on the counter will add a different richness.

Gray travertine is a work of art that comes into being with the natural appearance of gray, which is one of the indispensable colors in the projects of our architects and designers, in travertine that adds value to the projects.

Afyon Emirdağ travertine, indoor usage areas; floor covering, wall covering, stairs and steps, interior blast wall covering, bathrooms & showers.

Emirdag travertine; It is also used in outdoor wall coverings and stairs, and it is often preferred in terms of anti-slip properties, especially in pool side flooring. It is also applied on walkways and garden wall coverings. In Emirdağ travertine houses, the use of TV unit wall covering is also at the forefront.

Classical Silver Travertine attracts great attention in our projects abroad as well as in our domestic projects.

Classic Silver Travertine is a natural stone that is also in demand as wall covering, floor covering, facade covering or bathroom work in projects. In classic Silver Travertine bathroom works, the shower tray will add a different elegance to your spaces as a wall covering. With polished mosaic and split face mosaic options, you can get different touches by choosing Classical Silver Travertine either as a wall covering in your showers or as a wall covering in your TV unit.

Silver Travertine also looks authentic and modern texture together. Silver Travertine is especially suitable for flooring and covering of gardens and terraces; It can be used in the design of other areas of your building.

Fantastic Silver Travertine, a kind of gray travertine extracted from quarries in Turkey. This stone is especially used for Exterior – Interior wall and floor applications, countertops, mosaic, fountains, pool and wall coverings, stairs, window sills, etc. And it is good for other design projects. It is also called Afyon Silver Travertine.