Kütahya Purple marble is extracted from a type of white marble in Turkey. This stone is especially preferred for Exterior – Interior wall and floor applications, countertops, mosaic, fountains, pool and wall coverings and other design projects. Violet White Marble is also called Argent Violetta Marble. The red lines of Kütahya Violet marble scattered on a white background make the area it is used a pleasant appearance. The red lines integrated with the elegance of white on Kütahya violet marble blend beautifully with the environment in terms of decoration. The lines spreading on Kütahya violet marble remind of the violet appearance. Kütahya Violet marble, also known as Violet, is used indoors and outdoors.

In our Efesus stone company, Kütahya violet marble, known as Violet, can be used both as indoor and outdoor flooring, wall covering, and stair step. Kütahya violet marble is also among the preferred marbles in applications such as column covering, countertop, sink, polished mosaic, garden ornaments in landscape areas.

 White marble adds a wider, light and spacious air to narrow spaces. The fine and pleasant lines of Kütahya violet marble on white marble make the environment more elegant when used in interior decoration. Kütahya violet marble can be combined and used together with white marble.

Kütahya violet marble is among the ones preferred for use in kitchen countertops. Kütahya violet marble used in kitchen design adds a different atmosphere to kitchen decoration. Kütahya violet with red and gray lines scattered on a white background is a type of marble that is also sought in outdoor applications. Kütahya violet marble is also used in garden flooring in landscape areas. Kütahya violet marble, which adds a beautiful image and gives positive energy to the area where it is used with its violet-like appearance, is a marble that can be used comfortably in all areas.

One third of the marble blocks are removed in Afyonkarahisar in Turkey İscehisar. In our region, there are Afyonkarahisar Kaymak, Hawaii, Afyonkarahisar Sugar, Tiger Skin, Afyonkarahisar Rose, Afyonkarahisar Gray, Afyon Moire, White Honey Yellow, Eggplant Purple, Crispy and Dirty marbles.

Afyon Moire marble; It has a structure with a white base and beige halos. Afyon Moire marble is used in areas such as kitchen decoration, countertops, island countertops. Afyon Moire marble is one of our preferred marbles in acrylic-style kitchen decorations, which are used in private and built-in kitchens and are bright and scratch-resistant.

The widely used name of Kütahya violet marble abroad is Violet marble. Violet marble is a type of marble that is in high demand in sink, countertops, interior and exterior floor applications. Violette marble name is widely known in Turkey Kutahya violet marble. It resembles violet in the lines spreading over the marble and is widely known as Kütahya violet marble. Kütahya violet marble, which is among the preferred marbles in hotel projects, home decoration and exterior applications, is a marble that shows itself in all areas where it is applied.

Afyon violet is one of the natural beauties where the white color representing purity, innocence and peace combines with the violet color that you will be enchanted by. It is one of the oldest (about 2500 years old) marble quarries in the world and used in historical buildings in İzmir Şelçuk.

Afyon Violet marble; It attracts great interest in international projects as well as in Turkey. Because it is a fully formed marble type, the production is completed without the need for epoxy and net application. Failure to apply epoxy mesh has a positive effect on the cost of the product. Afyon Violet marble also has a high degree of hardness. This feature also increases its durability.

Afyon Violet Marble; It gives very pleasant results in terms of decoration with its violet-colored vein structure dispersed on a white background and yellow tones dispersed in between. The fact that the vein structure does not show much movement does not tire the eye, and Afyon Violet marble creates a pleasant ambiance in large areas.

Breccia Marble; Our marble, which has a high degree of hardness, can be used both indoors and outdoors as flooring, wall covering, and stair step. Breccia Marble is also preferred for decorative products. Breccia Marble is among the products preferred in applications such as column covering, countertop, washbasin, polished mosaic, garden ornaments in landscape areas.

With polished mosaic options, you can add color to the environment with the small touches you will make with Breccia Marble on the wall covering in your kitchen or on the wall covering in your bathrooms.

The white color, which always creates a spacious environment in interior decoration, will both add a modern touch to your home, and the positive color of Afyon Violet, one of the heartwarming purple tones. You will be able to reflect u energy into your living space.

The most important feature that distinguishes Afyon Calacatta Marble from other white marbles is the density of gray, sometimes slightly greenish veins that spread on the white background and its thickness. The feature of Calacatta marble is that the texture is intense and the amount extracted from the quarries is very small in the total amount. The fact that it is a rare precious stone means that its price is higher than other marbles. This is why architects and designers generally prefer Calacatta Marble in boutique housing, plaza lobby and boutique projects.